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Specialty Materials

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Getting the right Specialty Materials for your project has never been easier. Our product experts are happy to assist with your projects. We carry the best brands in the market to fulfill your needs. 

Our Specialty Materials Partners

Columns & Wraps

Columns and wraps in residential construction serve both structural and aesthetic purposes. While they support porches, overhangs, and balconies, they also infuse homes with architectural charm. Wraps, specifically, offer a facelift to existing columns, ensuring they blend seamlessly with a home’s design or provide an updated look. They also protect columns from the elements, prolonging their lifespan.  Whether you’re aiming for a classic, rustic, or modern vibe, Heritage Wholesalers offers the products you need to elevate the elegance of any residence. 

Vynil Windows

Simonton Vinyl Windows are crafted with precision, offering exceptional insulation and ensuring interiors remain cozy. Their durable vinyl frames resist chipping, peeling, and fading with minimal maintenance. Aesthetically, Simonton captures a balance between classic and contemporary, easily adapting to various architectural styles. Plus, their soundproofing capabilities offer a serene indoor experience.

Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors

A quality exterior door is a home’s first line of defense and its welcoming touch. Good doors combine sturdiness with aesthetics, enhancing curb appeal. Energy efficiency is a must, offering insulation to keep homes comfortable and reduce utility costs. Durability, weather resistance, and ease of maintenance are also vital. Heritage Wholesalers carries the industry’s top names, delivering doors that are both stylish and functional.


Velux skylights illuminate interiors with a touch of elegance and efficiency. Expertly crafted, these skylights introduce natural light, transforming spaces into brighter, more welcoming environments. Velux ensures optimal insulation, minimizing heat transfer and eliminating worries of drafts or leaks. Additionally, their advanced technology promotes better air circulation, inviting fresh air while reducing condensation and mold risks. With Velux skylights, you invest in a blend of style, functionality, and longevity, brightening homes for years to come.

decking and railing

Decking & Railing

Decking and railing are more than just structural elements; they’re the backdrop to outdoor experiences. PVC and vinyl emerge as top contenders in this realm, thanks to their unique durability. These materials resist common decking adversaries like mold, rot, and insects, ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance. The vibrant colors and finishes available mimic natural wood or offer sleek modern designs. They’re resistant to the elements, meaning no warping or fading rapidly. Embrace a deck and railing solution that looks impeccable season after season.